How to improve the quality of your transmissions with OBS?

How to improve the quality of your transmissions with OBS?

Transmit with OBS software, allows you to adjust the quality of the transmitted videos.

Follow these steps to discover how to stream in HD and improve quality:

Streaming with OBS is simpler than it seems. Once you learn to use, you can take full advantage of the quality of live broadcasts or recorded videos. If you still do not know how to use it read our mini-guide of How to transmit with the OBS software?

    Setting the quality of the transmissions depends on three factors: Image resolution, FPS (Frames per second) and BITrate of the video (bit rate), which go hand in hand with the computer, webcam and internet upload speed .

  • Image resolution: Number of pixels in which the screen is divided into vertical, and horizontal, for example: in 1920×1080 (horizontal by vertical). In simple words, it is the size of the image, the larger the resolution, the better the image and vice versa.
  • FPS: It is the number of images that are displayed per second. That is, a video is a set of images that when shown together and order create movement; Bone a video.
  • BITrate is the amount of data in this case images, processed per unit of time.

Set the transmission quality: Select the transmission resolution.

Once the concepts of Image Resolution, FPS and BITrate of the video have been understood, these steps must be followed:

  1. If your computer does not have a built-in camera, make sure that the webcam or camera is properly connected.
  2. Open the software application OBS on your computer
  3. Search for the maximum resolution of the webcam that will be used to transmit.
    • Searching for camera quality is very easy: Type the brand and model of your webcam in safari, google chrome, firefox or the Internet provider that is used and the features will appear. Here we give you a small list of those used in the market:

    • Papalook PA452 FULL HD: One of the most economical on the market, HD 1080P resolution.
    • Logitech c920 HD PRO: Full HD 1080p in video and microphone.
    • Logitech c525: 720p high definition and microphone with noise reduction.
    • Logitech c922 Pro Stream: A complete webcam offers Full HD 1080p at 30 FPS and 720p at 60 FPS. With two microphones.

  4. Check the internet connection, searching on safari, google chrome, firefox or the Internet provider: speed test of your Internet connection.
  5. IMPORTANT: the Speed Test website has no relationship with ChicasEnVenta, CamOnGirls or another website of the CamOnCASH network. We have only used it as an example. Each user can use the page they want.

    Speed test totally independent of CamOnCASH and its network

  6. Check this list for the minimum speed required for each camera resolution.

  7.  Recommended resolution table according to internet upload speed

    For example, if we have a webcam that has a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 we must have a minimum upload speed of 10 mbps. Another example is: We have a camera with a maximum resolution of 1920×108 but our upload speed is 7 mbps, therefore we must choose the resolution to transmit 1280×720 since it only requires a speed of 5mbps.

  8. Go to the OBS software application.
  9. Go to the upper left corner, click on File-> click on Settings.
  10. Once you click on Settings, a small Settings window will open. On the left is a list click on Video

  11. Here you must configure the video settings, select the resolution quality to be used (eg 1280×720) in Base Resolution and Output Resolution and select the FPS, we recommend starting with 25 and adjusting according to the needs. < / li>
    Adjust resolution of base, output and FPS.

  12. Click OK.

Configure the transmission quality: Configure the output settings.

Once the resolution with which the transmission will be made has been configured, the output settings must be configured.

  1. Go to the upper left corner, click on File-> click on Settings.
  2. Once you click on Settings, a small Settings window will open. On the left is a list click on Outlet
  3. The following table shows the recommended resolution settings. You should never use a resolution higher than the webcam that will be used to transmit.

  4. Table recommendation resolution to use bitrate and FPS

    For example, if we have a higher upload speed you can increase the bitrate for the resolution to be used, this will improve the video quality without using a higher resolution quality than the webcam allows.

  5. In File-> Configuration-> Output, the video BITrate is configured, we recommend that you do not download below 2550 Kbps.

  6. BITrate configuration for live broadcasts

    • Configure video BITrate.
    • Configure audio BITrate.
  7. Click on accept.
  • Ready, your settings are configured!
  • Configure the quality of the transmissions: Verify the correct functioning of the settings.

    It is important to check that the settings are configured correctly, to ensure proper operation.

    1. Go to the bottom of the OBS software screen.
    2. Observe the status bar, where it is indicated if the live broadcast is working correctly.

    3. status bar on the quality of the live broadcast.

      In the example of the image above, it is working correctly, the color green is visible and the lost frames must be 0.

      In the case that this yellow, orange or red means that something is not working properly. The settings must be modified if the problem persists, the BITrate should be reduced, which can lead to loss of quality.

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